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Welcome, MX Fans! 

We are proud to invite you to come check out one of our organized practice days or events! To make sure you have fun and are comfortable during your visit with us, please read over the following amenities and guidelines: 

  • Children must be supervised at all times. 

  • Friendly pets are welcome, but must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after them. 

  • Bring your own lawn chairs or seating - we do have plenty of nice, shady areas to set up in--but watch for falling walnuts in the late summer and fall! :)  

  • Portable toilets are available during the busier months of March-October.  

  • Food trucks available at races and larger events - pack your own cooler for practice days. 

  • It is FREE for spectators to watch on practice days. On race days, there will be an admission fee. 

  • All spectators (no matter how young) must still have a release and waiver form on record. You can complete this ahead of time online or print and bring your own copy. 

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